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Best 3 Summer DIY Projects You Must Surely Try

ts summers time.Feel bored ?Personally I always want my summers to be full of creativity and doing projects which otherwise I do not get time for.If you have travel plans , its great for those whose parents are busy with office work and have a lot of time at their disposal , this is the post for you.DIY projects are fun and easy to do.So here we present you the best DIY projects you can do try to engage yourself and have a fun time

Make a iPhone stand with a Cassette Holder

Make an iPad cover out of a composition notebook

Learn the tutorial here : Visit Lilblueboo

Make Your Own Screen CLeaner

Required Material

  • 1 part plain white vinegar
  • 1 part distilled water (make sure you use distilled only!)
  • A clean, lint-free cloth. (I like using old, worn-out t-shirts from my rag collection)
  • Mix the vinegar and water. Store in a labeled container (I use an small canning jar). A spray bottle would also work. When you are ready to clean your screens, spray a soft.


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