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Hinata Hyūga

Hinata is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga clan Hiashi Hyuga head and the eldest son, was the heir presumptive to the main house of the clan. However, he apparently lost this position to her younger sister Hanabi, as Hinata was deemed a failure by his father because of his lack of self-confidence.  When he was young, he was kidnapped by a head ninja Kumo, which, under the pretext of establishing a peace treaty with Konoha, had actually been sent there to steal the Byakugan. His father has killed the would-be kidnapper to save her, but Kumo demanded compensation in the form of Hiashi corpse due to sign a peace treaty with the village moments before. This ultimately led to the death of Hinata's uncle, Hizashi Hyuga, who sacrificed himself to protect his clan and the village.  This incident was particularly significant in the initial formation Hinata's relationship with his cousin, Neji Hyūga.

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